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Established March 16, 2011
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This blog chronicles the adventures of Andrew McMahon & friends in a parallel universe in which herds of domestic cats follow him everywhere he goes. There is no rhyme or reason to this blog, it is purely fun.

Frequently asked questions
1. Where did Andrew & Cats come from? What started it?
2. What do you use to make cat pictures? Photoshop?
3. Who runs this blog?

Ask me anything

Dark blue, dark blue, have you ever been alone in a golden room?

A-cat-stic performance. 

meandthemoonx replied to your photo: Clearly helping Andrew respond to questions. So…

I wonder if he has seen these

He definitely has, because I make books full of them and give them to him.

Clearly helping Andrew respond to questions. So helpful. That one cat is even proofreading.

That bed looks comfy.

Get down from there, cat!

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Frolicking in a field with some kitties. Except for fat cat. He doesn’t frolic.

You guys… Andrew & Cats is only 9 followers away from 700

We’re all up in your personal space, you say? What’s that?

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